Targeted therapies has always been part of any anti-cancer strategy but only in recent years, have these really took off due to rapid advances in research and approval by health bodies for the use of these drugs. They target specific genes or cell receptors that control growth and spread of the cancer cells. By blocking these actions, the cells effectively stop growing and eventually get destroyed in the body. They have been proven to prolong life in more and more types of cancers such as lung, liver, breast, colon, kidney and skin (melanoma).

They usually come in the form of oral therapy such as tablets or capsules. Certain formulations are designed to be administered as injections or infusions along with chemotherapy to increase effectiveness. They have very few side effects and these usually come in the form of rash or diarrhoea which are very manageable.

8 Visible Signs That You Should Go For Cancer Screening
It's common for men to balk at the idea of seeing a doctor; but when it comes to cancer, seeing your doctor sooner always works to your best advantage. Cancer screening helps increase the chances of early detection and successful treatment. Some early signs of cancer are hard to determine because they feel the same as...
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Truth Versus Myth On Breast Cancer & Breast Cancer Screening In Singapore
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Singapore. According to the Singapore Cancer Society, each year, over 1600 women are diagnosed to have breast cancer and almost 400 die from the disease. Some myths about breast cancer and breast cancer screening in Singapore make women think twice about getting a screen. One such...
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Fighting The Fear Of Cancer: Getting Help From An Oncologist In Singapore
At one time, we've all had a fear for the unknown. Perhaps it's the same kind of fear that grips people when they receive a recommendation from their primary care physician to see an oncologist. If you are one of them, you can rest assured that seeing an oncologist in Singapore will help you fight...
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