3 Compelling Reasons To See Your Oncologist In Singapore Before Stomach Cancer Advances

According to the National Cancer Centre Singapore 2009-2013 survey, stomach cancer is the 4th frequent cancer deaths among Singaporean males and 5th frequent cancer deaths among Singaporean females.

Seeing your oncologist in Singapore will help you ascertain if any of your stomach-related pain or discomfort should be further diagnosed for stomach cancer.

Your oncologist will enlighten you about what stomach cancer is, what causes stomach cancer and what are the treatment options for this disease.

How Stomach Cancer Forms

Malignant tumours that form on the lining of the stomach cause stomach cancers. Little is known about why malignant tumours form in the first place, but, certain risk factors have been identified.

Stomach Cancer Risk Factors

As your oncologist would explain, certain lifestyle habits and work environments increase your risk of developing stomach cancer, such as:

  1. Smoking and drinking
  2. Exposure to asbestos
  3. Exposure to elements in certain industries such as nickel refinery, rubber and timber processing and coal mining
  4. Medical conditions such as gastritis, polyps in the stomach, peptic ulcer and pernicious anemia
  5. Infection with H. Pylori bacteria also increases your risk of developing stomach cancer.

H. Pylori bacteria are germs which can enter your body from food, water, utensils and through contact with the saliva or bodily fluids of people who have been infected with this bacteria. H. Pylori bacterial infections are common in areas where there is poor supply of clean water or those which lack clean sewerage systems.

Why Should You See Your Oncologist In Singapore Immediately If You Suspect To Have Stomach Cancer?

Reason #1: Only about 1/3 of stomach cancer cases can be treated and cured surgically.

It takes a long time before a malignant tumour can grow in the stomach lining to a size that is big enough to start causing symptoms of advanced stomach cancer.

Unfortunately, stomach cancer in its late stage is very difficult to treat.

It is best to see your oncologist in Singapore for screening tests that will help detect stomach cancer earlier on.

Reason #2: Stomach cancer can be cured if diagnosed and treated early.

According to Patient.co.uk, some stomach cancers can be cured especially if they are diagnosed and treated in the early stages.

If you suspect to have early stage stomach cancer and want to confirm your symptoms, talk to your oncologist in Singapore about the following screening tests:

  • Barium Swallow, which is a series of X-rays of the Upper Gastrointestinal tract with special contrast.
  • Gastroscopy. Using a thin lighted tube called the gastroscope, which looks directly into your stomach lining for any growth or abnormality.
  • Biopsy. Abnormal growth seen on the stomach lining through gastroscopy will be biopsied and analysed to determine whether the growth is benign or malignant.

Treatment For Stomach Cancer

Treatments for stomach cancer involves a multidisciplinary team, this team consists of radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. The best treatment approach will be discussed among these group of specialists and specific treatments will be tailored to each individual patient.

Cancer is a frightening diagnosis to anyone, but a lot can be done to prevent and detect cancer early. With early diagnosis and effective treatments, cancer no longer mean a death sentence.

Contact your oncologist in Singapore at The Harley Street Heart & Cancer Centre today to learn more about ways to be screened for this disease.

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